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Аалам айланган Кыргыз желеги

The round-the-world flight of the Kyrgyz flag

About Us

AOPA is a voluntary self-governing public non-profit organization based on membership, established on the initiative of citizens, United on the basis of common interests for the implementation of common goals defined by this Charter.

The organization is an interregional public organization. The organization carries out its activities on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The goals and activities of the Organization

The main objectives of the Organization:

* uniting together pilots and aircraft-owner citizens to promote a safe and cost-effective environment for General aviation;

* dissemination of information on General aviation;

* promoting the establishment of an airport system, navigation equipment, meteorological support and other structures necessary for General aviation;

* organization and support of scientific research in the field of aircraft construction and operation of General aviation;

• involvement of forces and resources for the financing of projects and programmes aimed at implementing the statutory goals of the Organization and promote the development of the Kyrgyz General aviation;

• independent expert evaluation of projects and programmes in the field of General aviation;

* promotion of protection of the rights and interests of Members;

* facilitating the creation of conditions for Members of the organization on the organization and implementation of individual flights;

* assistance to disabled people and members of the Organization affected by plane crashes;

* charitable activities.

For realization of the specified purposes the Organization carries out the following activities:

• support and implementation of programs and activities in the field of General aviation;

•  accumulation of funds and creation of financial and economic bases for the implementation of the Organization's programs;

• attraction of voluntary contributions (deposits) of Kyrgyz and foreign citizens, stateless persons, legal Kyrgyz and foreign persons of any forms of ownership and legal forms in the form of funds in soms and foreign currency, securities, works of culture and art, any movable and immovable property;

• publication of maps, guides and other navigation information for pilots;

• publishing of journal;

• assistance in construction and restoration of airports, buildings and constructions; purchase of buildings, constructions, equipment and other property according to the current legislation;

• development of cooperation with international, Kyrgyz and foreign firms, associations, religious, charitable and public organizations, development and implementation of specific measures to develop cooperation with them;

* assistance in improvement of flight-technical and educational-methodical base of General aviation;

* carrying out entrepreneurial activities to achieve the statutory goals of the Organization and corresponding to these goals;

* interaction with interested state and public organizations and movements acting in the interests of the development of Kyrgyz General aviation;

* organization of scientific and sociological research on the development of General aviation;

• assist persons with disabilities, members of the Organization in the realization of legislatively established benefits and advantages in obtaining medical care, education, employment, the improvement of material conditions, housing and living conditions;

• involvement of Kyrgyz and foreign specialists into the activities of the Organization, medical and insurance companies on contractual terms; formation of multidisciplinary teams;

* development of public relations and business circles, as well as entrepreneurs of the Kyrgyz Republic and other countries interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with the Organization;

* creation, in accordance with the established procedure, of medical, rehabilitation and charitable organizations, organization of recreation, tourism, including international;

* organization and holding of conferences, round tables, briefings, creative meetings, exhibitions, charity auctions, competitions, festivals and other mass events.